Thursday Writing Essential – April 5, 2012: Those We meet On The Journey

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 This week’s Thursday Writing Challenge continues the journey theme with “Those we meet on our journey.” For any journey we go on there are always people even critters we meet going in our direction, other directions or even at crossroads. Some we stare at, others we wave to, some we ignore, still others we talk to.

For those we talk to: Some offer us good advice, some offer us encouragement and support,others offer us warnings and guidance, still others give out bad advice, pointing out our weaknesses, throwing out verbal road blocks and stumbling blocks.

Some we meet on our journeys we quickly forget while others we will never forget. Your challenge this Thursday April 5th is to create a post about a person or people we have met on our journey. The post that you create can be about a lesson taught (good or bad) from someone we met, a frightening or terrifying encounter with someone or someones we have met, a character who made you laugh or just pause in amazement, a person or persons who insire by their example(s),someone you never want to be like or would very much like to emulate.

Your post can be in prose, photos or in story format. Let’s see if we can’t make this our most creative Thursday challenge yet.

I look forward to enjoying how each of you meet this challenge.

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