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Challenge: This week’s Thursday Writing Challenge continues the journey theme with “Those we meet on our journey.”

I wonder if that guy’s lost? I’ve only been working here for 3 weeks and I know my around. Why does he keep passing me and slowing down?  “Hi. You look lost.” At this point I had almost walked the eight blocks from work to my car. Heck, I was only 17 years old, this was my first job and parking there was free.

Then he grabbed me. “Hey! Get your filthy hands off me!” Then I yelled at the ice cream vendors across the street. “Hey guys, I need help!” The offender must have thought we were alone, but when he looked across the street, he let go and ran away, leaving me with no option but to throw rocks at him. I was too young and humiliated to see the humor that the ice cream vendors must have felt. They were rolling in the dirt, holding their bellies.

Of course, that night I sharpened my 3 inch hobby knife. The next day after work I carried it opened, but hidden. Just as I had opened my car door he appeared out of nowhere. (That was a journey I’m glad I went on as it changed my life). I told that jerk, with pocket knife in hand, “You have two choices. Stay here and I’ll cut you to pieces or run away now.” He never came back. (Evil chirp)

The next day a new guy showed up. “I love your shoes. Can I touch them?” he asked. So, with one quick movement the by me he limped away. This time when I saw the ice cream vendors holding their bellies and rolling in the dirt – well let’s just say that I left them in the dirt, but they weren’t rolling. (Evil chirp)

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