Thursday Writng Essential March 6,2014. Thank you Gather

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Don’t it always seem to go That you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

from the song Big yellow Taxi sung by Joni Mitchel 

When I read Chuck’s post that he was leaving Gather I was filled with deep sadness. People like Chuck and Connie are what made Gather such a great group, truly outstanding. Last year I was forced out of gather for a while because I simply could not get on to it.When I was able to be an active part of Gather. I have not posted as much as I have in the past but I still have been active. It is an honor to be Thursday’s Gather Writing Essential Editor. With Chuck leaving it is hard for me to be as optimistic about Gather’s future but no matter what happens I will be an active member of gather until it’s last moment.

A while ago I posted a post about how too often we wait until after a person has died to eulogize them. We say wonderful things about them after they are gone when they can’t hear how much we think of them. I wrote that the time that we should eulogize people is before they die. As bleak as things are for Gather right now I think that Thursday’s Challenge would be a good time to share how much Gather means to us or has meant to us.

As many gather members know I owe Gather more than I can say. Gather and it’s fine members helped develop a love of writing in me that has made my life so much richer. The patience of the fine members of Gather has helped my writing evolve becoming I think much better than when I first began to post at Gather. I will grant you that I still have a ways to go. Thank you Gather I will always be grateful.

The challenge for Thursday March 6,2014 is to create a post expressing Thank you to Gather.

This is a challenge that will give us a chance to express our feelings about Gather not just of the last months but from years past while we can. Saying thank you can be done with so many different genres including poetry and free verse. The only limit to this challenge would be the limit that all creative writers and poets have……………….time.

For this week I will limit rules/guidelines to just a few. There is only two rules this week. The first rule to remember is to include the word “Thank you Gather” 3/6/2014″ somewhere in the title. A second rule is to be sure to tag it with Thurs WE, 3/6/14, Thank you Gather.

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