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 December 25th is drawing to a close I have a fire in my fireplace (I have my own special fight with the oil companies heating my house with wood rather than propane but that’s another story). The house still has wonderful smells from two major culinary delights, the leftovers from these feasts are in and out of the refrigerator. This enhances the new memories that were created today to add to over fifty years Christmas memories, sad, sweet, funny, warm and fuzzy but all memories that I will think on and remember for whatever remaining years there are in my life.

I remember so many warm childhood memories each one brings a smile to my heart as I remember them from beginning to end. I remember my oldest brother dropping his gift of a bottle of Aqua Velva on the cellar floor not far from where he opened his gift every year for six years. I remember how that we had the best smelling cellar/basement floor in Western New York for those six years. I remember my grandmother opening a gift that still had the price tag on it and how she chuckled over that miscue for the rest of the day. I think that she enjoyed the miscue as much or more than the gift. These two memories and so many more tumble out of my long term memory for yet another moment of enjoyment.

As those memories tumble out so do some very sad and sweet memories like my 25 year old brother’s last Christmas just 8 days before he died. I remember how as the youngest of 6 that Christmas marked the last day that we would all be together for who knew how long and when my brother died for the last time. I remember having just been engaged to the love of my life 18 days earlier and how lonesome I felt for her as the miles between Santa Barbara and Seattle seemed way more than they actually were.

I remember some of my favorite memories of when my 4 children were little especially the delight and excitement in their young eyes. I remember Christmas eve day when my oldest son was 8 and just had surgery at the Shriner’s Hospital in Spokane WA. I remember how painful his arm and area where they took his skin graft from for his arm looked. I remember how as a first year teacher that I did not have enough money to buy Christmas gifts for my children and wondering how I was going to tell them that Santa wasn’t able to visit them that year but that he would leave twice as much the following year. I remember how a Shriner must have heard me talk about no Christmas for our family with my wife and how some incredibly wonderful Shrine members found a way to provide for enough gifts for all of us all to fill every space in out car shoulder high. When I do I get emotional and that always leads me to the 1st Christmas after my daughter left home to join the US Air force and I get emotional again

So many memories so much to think about and reflect upon. I promised that the Challenge for this week would be fun and I had intended it to be. After much reflection I tweaked  the challenge a bit to make a challenge that could be fun or sweet, funny or sad. It can be anything you want it to be,.

 Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas. Happy holidays to the rest of you fine folks.The challenge for Thursday December 26,2013 is to create a post about memories. 

All genres including words to a song are encouraged including but not limited to poetry and verse.

I will be doing a review of responses to Thursday Writing Essential responses for the last 8 weeks. it will help me if I have missed reading your responses (Not on purpose) if you would let me know so that I can review it and include it in my list of mjust reads.

The submissions for Gather Writing Essential continue to be outstanding. Keeping things simple with few rules still seems to be working quite well so we are continuing to stay with just a few rules. 

The first rule to remember is to include the words “memories” 12/26/2013″ somewhere in the title. A second rule is to be sure to tag it with Thurs WE, 12/26/13, memories.

I am continuing to ignore the 3 post limit once again but still reserve the right to the right to not approve posts if necessary because of too many postings but am not expecting to have to do that very much. Keep in mind to limit past posts to  just a few that have already been posted in months and years gone by.

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