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***This Challenge is inspired by a little dog whose mother was relocated after she destroyed a lot of quail at my neighbor’s farm and then was severely injured by one of my dogs. She is a little dog (for the moment) who doesn’t quit and doesn’t give up.

**This challenge is dedicated to those special people who truly have heart, people like  Connie who do what’s right, face the biggest battles and continue fighting no matter how tough the battle is. This is dedicated to those who inspire because they truly do not know what it is to quit.

The heart is the center part of living. Even when we aren’t thinking about it the heart plays an important roll in our lives. It plays such an important roll that we talk about it, write about, sing about it and more throughout our lives. We even celebrate the heart in February on a special day devoted to it. The heart has been written about in poems and literature for a very long time. David wrote about it in the Psalms. We can read of Jesus speaking about the heart throughout the gospels in the New Testament. The references to the heart from Jesus and David were loving and beautiful.

As man evolved so did literature that referenced heart. Writers like Edgar Allen Poe wrote about heart in a dark way. His story “The Beating Heart is anything but loving. Those who specialze in writing horror novels have continued this theme. Of course everyone knows that there is an entire genre of books devoted to the heart. They are called romances. A company called Harlequin has becom rich publishing such books. As movies and television have developed the heart has become a common theme in many movies and television shows. We call some of them “Chick Flicks/Romance, Horror movies, Medical Dramas and even inspirational.

Music and poetry has had heart as a theme in it for almost as long as literature has. Country music has focused on heart both good and bad more than most other types of music but then the Blues have focused a lot on heart as well. Arguments could be made for all types of music having a lot to say about heart.

In visual art artists like Freda Kahlo really focused on heart.

Over time heart has come to mean more than just the blood pump in our bodies and love. Good friends sometimes have a heart to heart talk. Anyone who gives everything they have to whatever they are doing no matter what the odds against them are said to have heart. Sometimes when we suddenly change our minds it is said that we had a change of heart meaning we changed our minds.

Really in my mind the subject of heart no matter why we refer to it is interconnected with life. If like Connie we are standing up for what’s right no matter what, we are breathing life into whatever we are standing up for. Love enhances life even if we are on the wrong end of it since our lives are forever changed by it. My friends here at Gather truly makes my heart stronger, my life better and richer.

 A healthy heart requires exercise. Reaching out is a great way to exercise as my friends at Gather have taught me. Giving our best is another way and there are so many more. Without exercise our hearts grow old tired and is in real danger of beating it’s last beat. May all of our hearts grow stronger as each day goes by in our lives and may our lives help the good health of the hearts around us.


The challenge for Thursday March 27,2014 is to create a post about heart.

There are so many different genres that can be used for this challenge especially poetry and narrative. All are welcome.  

 I am still limiting the rules/guidelines to just a few. There are only two rules this week. The first rule to remember is to include the word “heart” 3/20/2014″ somewhere in the title. A second rule is to be sure to tag it with Thurs WE, 3/20/14, heart.

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