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Your Challenge for Thursday September 20, 2012 is to create a post about words and their meanings.

I once sold the devil his own soul because he thought I meant I’d sell him my mule that went by the name of Sole.  Frankly, I thought this to be a very clever plan, but the devil didn’t take it lightly.

It was that almost fateful, devastating, fun day when the devil approached me.  It was on a Thursday.  He had been prompted to do some research, for he desperately needed the mule to haul ice out of the pits of the earth in the place where hell had frozen over.

The devil said to me, “Hey!”

I didn’t know if he was trying to feed my mule, if he was yelling at me or if he was just saying, “Hi”.  Whatever.  I called old Bessie over with a whistle.  The mule still didn’t like her new name and was quite ticked when she learned that I had given my pet angel fish her old name of Sole.

“Hey back at you, devil.  What do you want now?”

“I did some research and you tricked me.  You said your mule was my Sole.”

“No I didn’t.  I said you could have your soul.”

“In Georgia, soul means a mule and you owe me Sole.”

“Devil, you lie, you’re confusing our readers…and… just to get you to go away, you can have Sole.”  I handed him my pet angel fish and the devil went stone cold for a minute.  When he warmed up, he threw nasty curses at me.  That was, of course, after he dropped the little angel fish.  I’m fairly certain the devil will be back, but this time when he yells, “Hey”, I’ll be ready.

Please note:  No angel fishies were harmed in the making of this dumb story.


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