Thursday’s Writing Essential September 20, 2012 Word Meaning, What a Hoot, CW

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Your Challenge for Thursday September 20, 2012 is to create a post about words and their meanings.


What a Hoot.


“Mary, let’s go sit on this porch and look at the stars.  You can finish your story there.”

“Cool swing.  It’s art deco.  What a hoot.  Well, as I was saying, Alice tweeted her entire story and Jack and Lou posted a hate response, but Betty and Lee liked it.  They thought it was a fabulous story and even believed it was true.  They believed that John, such a loyal husband, had 39 wives.  What a hoot!”

Mary suddenly startled, but when she settled down, she said,  “Was that a hoot?”

“Well, I thought it was.”

“Are you sure?”

“Seems like it to me.”

Just then a great white owl swooped down from the stars, grabbed and flew off with one of Mary’s bunny slippers.


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