Thursday’s Writing Essentials April 26, 2012 What We Focus On

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Thursday’s Writing Challenge continues the journey theme with “What We Focus On When We Are On The Journey.”When I taught driving the first thought I shared with my student was “Your hands always follow your eyes.”Whatever we look at when we drive is where we will point our car. It works that way with our legs too. When we walk we will walk towards whatever we focus on.

Your challenge today is to create a post about what we focus on in our journey. This challenge is wide open. There is all kinds of opportunities to create something special about focus  on our journeys. Eyes are not the only tool that helps us focus so are our ears. There may be others. There all types of focus, near sighted or far sighted, broad or narrow and more. What can cause distractions in our focus or even the pros and cons of focusing only on the goal could be another direction to take the challenge.

This would be a wonderful challenge for prose, photo essays and creative writing. I can not think of a genre that would be excluded in this challenge. I look forward to all of the creative responses that I know will be posted.

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