Thursdays Writing Esssentials- April 12, 2012 “The Road Not Taken”

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This week’s Thursday Writing Challenge is the second to the last journey Challenge.  It is “The Road Not Taken” inspired by Robert Frost’s beloved poem of the same name. Since the first Journey challenge one of the underlying themes have been making choices good or bad. This challenge continues that theme.

We take many journeys in our life though the main journey we take is the one we began at birth and will end when our life comes to a conclusion. For this Challenge we will set aside any reference to the main journey though I suppose some of the very creative gather members could make very compelling posts about this journey but maybe that could be saved for another time.

Before we begin each journey there are at least one other road we could take sometimes even more than that. Your challenge should you accept it and I hope that you do is to write a prose, story or photo essay about the road not taken. Examine the what ifs, should have could haves,would haves if you had taken the other road or roads. If the writers or photographers taking this challenge are still on a journey the posts may support the journey  that is being taken or it might even give rise to  the need to make a u turn and going back to the road not taken for another look. If the journey has already been completed and the posts are about reflections.there is no telling how much wisdom can be gleaned from each post.

As always I value each of the submissions that are submitted tomorrow, thank you ahead of time.

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