ThursWe, 4,17,14/ Discovery

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This  week Kevin asked us to write about discoveries.

Should one start with a baby discovering the world around it? I have had the privilege of watching three infants doing that. Just finding their own toes and fingers lit up their eyes.

My nephew seeing his first horse. He was not sure if he liked it or not. He stared. He wanted the pony ride, but was intimidated by the size of the Welsh pony.

I remember my first time watching a foal born. Incredible. Discovering the sheer wonder.

I remember watching chicks hatch under one of my grandmother’s broody old brown hens. Those tiny wet heads cracking their eggs.

Sunsets and sunrises, rainbows and a hailstone nine inches across crashing through the roof of my neighbor’s shelter in Mulberry, Arkansas back in 1966. It was wider and longer than my hand.

The Autumn woods flaming with color back there in Arkansas. Breathtaking.

Every one of those wonders was a new discovery the first time I saw them.

ThursWe, 4,16,14/ Discovery.


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