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So many memories starting three quarters of a century ago minus two years.

The earliest memories are gathered around my grandparents old black upright coal stove. My grandmother, mother and aunts would cook an enormous meal, with both turkey and ham. That was rare for the WW2 years, but grampa had a huge garden. He even had a section for the war effort. A real victory garden. We never went without food.

All the taffy pulls, pie and cake baking were for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The smells were as delicious as the taste would be later. I remember Uncle Melvin trying to get an early taste. He got hit with a spatula instead. I got in trouble for a finger in the frosting one year.

Later, war over, dad home and us in our house in Reseda, CA, mom would do either turkey or ham. Both were working at the time, dad bought bicycles for my brother and I. We rode all over the neighborhood on them.

Neither of us rode them to school. We walked because bikes were getting stolen. They caught the gang later, but I was no longer at school.

Years later, back up here in Washington, before my brother married, when Rhonda was still my best friend only, and not the sister in law (sister I always wanted), her family invited us over for Christmas every year, and we had wonderful times there when Rhonda’s mother Donna was still with us.

The time her sister Trecia was drunk while making the mashed potatoes, and they turned out like glue. Trecia, when sober was an excellant cook. She gave me an excellant recipe for a cheese ball.

The time, after my nephew Bobby was born, when Rhonda’s brother Rocky played Santa; and all the littlest kids cried. That included Bobby.

The time my brother, Rhonda, and Bobby were living in the trailer, and my brother got Bobby a radio controlled car; then played with it himself. He made up for it by the walkie talkie. They could both play with those.

And the last twelve years of spending Christmas out at my cousin Arnette’s. Great meals with them. Just a few of a lifetime of memories.

Thanks for the trip of memories down Christmas Lane Kevin

Sharon Pribble

12,26,13. ThursWe. Christmas Memory Challenge.


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