ThurWe, 4,4,14/ Days of Our Lives; Time Flys

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As I reach my elder years

I gaze back over the years

Like most, I’ve had good and bad

Memories are funny things

We tend to select

From the highs and lows

Of our lives

The things we recall

Are the births, deaths, disasters and jolts

For me, the moves across the map

My grandmother’s death

My nephews birth

My mother’s death

My last move

All the wars impact life

I lost friends and relatives

Along my path

Time gives and takes back

And now I sit back

And contemplate my past

And it’s mostly been good

All the hard times are long over

And I am content

For I like to think

I contributed a tiny bit

To tha fabric of the world

And the Days of my Life


Sharon Pribble


ThursWe, 4,4,14/ The Days of our lives

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72 year old retired state microfilm camera operator.

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