‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Are You Jealous?

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On this week’s episode of Tia and Tamera, the sisters have lunch together while discussing their future happenings in their lives. Tamera finds out that Tia is doing a Christmas musical, which is what Tamera calls her dream job. Tamera is the one that sings and dances. Tia has not had as much experience in those areas. Tamera tells her sister that she is heading out to Napa to visit Adam’s family. They are also having a wine and chocolate event which she feels is important for her to be there.

Tia heads to her first time in the studio to record music for the Christmas show. Her version of Jingle Bells was pretty good. Later, she headed to dance rehearsal but unfortunately, she was late for the first one. It took her a while to get the hang of it but the director of the show thought they all did very well and was pleased with the outcome.

As the girls are sitting in the car talking, Tia asks her sister if she might be a little jealous of her being in a musical instead of her. This brings on a discussion of what jealousy really means for each of them. Tamera later tells her best friend Andrea that she felt a bit hurt that Tia would think she was jealous of her.

Tamera heads to Napa with Andrea. Their house there is huge and basically empty because Tamera has not done anything with it. In fact, they are rarely at this house since they bought it. She tells Andrea that she is having trouble adjusting to life in Napa because her life is in LA and that is what she has known. With some encouragement from her best bud, Tamera decides to make more of an effort to make Napa her home. She even brought a trinket that her mom gave her to the new house to remind her of home.

Tia has to get allergy shots once a week but doesn’t have time to go to a doctor, so she decides to learn how to give herself the injections. She is freaked when the nurse shows her how to do it. After the initial poke, Tia decides that it was not as bad as what she thought. However at home, she starts freaking again when she thinks the needle she brought home was bigger than at the office. Cory is there to help her out. That is after he makes a few jokes about the whole thing. Tia finally gets the hang of it.

Tia eventually feels overwhelmed by everything she has taken on. She gets a visit from Wendy, a friend of hers and they have some girl time. Tia says that with all of the dance rehearsals, getting ready for Utah and taking care of Cree is too much at times. Fortunately, it doesn’t last long. After doing some yoga with her trainer, she was ready to take on her new ventures. Later, she headed out for some shopping for clothes and other items for Cree to take on their trip to Utah.

As Tamera is having a nice dinner with Adam and his family in Napa, she gets a call from her manager, Ben about an audition. He tells her that he needs her in LA right away. It is only an hour flight so now that she is feeling more like Napa is her home, she is ready to take on the challenge of flying back and forth. In fact, she did her audition and then headed back home to her gorgeous Napa house with her husband waiting for her. It seemed to work out well.

On the next episode of Tia and Tamera, Tia fears that she will miss out on Cree starting to crawl and Tamera doesn’t seem to know what to do with her Napa home.

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