‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Are You Pregnant?

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Tia meets with her publicist, Jordyn, to talk about her upcoming book tour. She finds out that she will be traveling on her first Mother’s Day. She is upset that she will be away from her family during that time. Later, the girls do a little shopping together when Tamera tells her sister that she just feels weird. She says that it must be the pepperoni and cheese pizza, which makes Tia gag just thinking about it.

Tamera calls Adam to tell him that she is feeling sick and also that she is two days late. It’s time for a pregnancy test! Adam got pretty quiet there for a minute when she mentioned it. She went home, and after taking two pregnancy tests, they were both positive. She is thrilled and called Adam right away. He is away on assignment, so she can’t wait. They are both happy at the thought of having a baby.

Tia works with a stylist for the first time, and even though it was awkward at first, she found some awesome things to wear on her book tour. She has been having trouble seeing lately, so she heads to the eye doctor and ends up coming home with a couple of pairs of glasses. Later, Tia gets a call from Cory and he tells her that he needs to leave for a re-shoot and will be gone for the Mother’s Day celebration. They were planning on celebrating early, so now Tia is disappointed, but she also realizes that this happens when two actors are married.

Cory calls Tamera to ask her to take Tia to a photo shoot for her and Cree as a special Mother’s Day gift. He also planned a day at the spa for a relaxing massage for her. Tamera says that she would be happy to make sure her sister has a fun day. Tamera is having a hard time keeping the pregnancy from her sister, but she and Adam had decided it was for the best. However, after Tia had to stop the car for Tamera to throw up, the cat was out of the bag. Tamera ends up telling Tia that she is going to be an aunt. Tia did her happy dance, and they had a wonderful pre-Mother’s Day together.

Later, Tia had a surprise for her sister for her own Mother’s Day gift now that she is expecting. She gave Tamera one of the beautiful framed photos of them and Cree together. Tamera started to cry.

This was the mid-season finale of Tia and Tamera, but don’t despair, because there will be a second half coming in a few weeks. Viewers will get to follow Tamera’s pregnancy on all-new episodes airing Tuesdays starting on October 16 on the Style Network.

What was your favorite episode so far?

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