‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Bahamas Mamas

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This week on Tia and Tamera, the twins talk want to learn more about their ancestory. They talk about their own parents who are an interracial couple and how that wasn’t acceptable years back. The girls know that their great-grandmother Cecilia Campbell came from the Bahamas, but they want to know why she left there. They decide to take a trip to find out. They also invite their cousins, Jerome and Kesha, along for the trip.

Tia has a photo that she has no idea who it is but the girls think that it looks a lot like their grandmother. They are on a quest to find out just who that is. Tia’s husband, Corey justTippy's Beach on Eleuthera wants to know who else in her family has Cree’s head because he said that his son sure doesn’t take after him. He is too funny!

Once Tia, Tamera and Jerome land in the Bahamas, the girls realize that the airline lost their luggage and they are not happy. Jerome is even unhappier about it because he afraid of the smell without their deodorant. Kesha missed her flight so she will be a day late. So Jerome is stuck with the twins complaining about their old underwear that they have to turn inside out. Too much information!

While Tamera is trying to figure out the luggage situation, Tia and Jerome head to the local library to come up with some info. They find a James Sweeting who they meet up with after getting some info from Jerome’s mom. He told them that a Campbell married a Sweeting but that is all he knows, but that a gal named Dora would have more information to give them.

Kesha finally arrives. They start talking about their family when Kesha sheds a few tears talking about her dad that passed away a few years back and how important it is to find out their family history. The girls also want to play while there so they mention swimming with dolphins for some fun. Jerome is not so thrilled as he is not much of an animal lover. He just wants to chill on the beach.

The girls’ luggage finally arrives. They are so happy that they do the ‘luggage dance.’ It was quite funny to see the locals’ reaction to the twins’ quirky ways. The cousins head out to Paradise Island to swim with the dolphins. Jerome even got a big hug from one of them. That night, they meet up with Dora. She told them that the lady in the picture is her grandmother, Sarah and that her and Cecilia were sisters. Her first cousin Tony lives in Eleuthera and Dora says that he can unlock the mystery of how their grandmother ended up in Miami. Unfortunately, Tia is freaking out because they will need to get on a small skinny plane to meet with Tony. Tia is crying her eyes out, especially when she can’t get hold of Corey who settles her fears down. Her sister ends up helping her through the plane ride.

They finally meet Tony Sweeting, their third cousin. They find out from him that Cecilia left the Bahamas when she was just 16. They also see a photo of their great-grandfather who left the island with Cecilia. This made Tia cry because she was so moved by the photo. The biggest shocker they found out is that their grandfather was 24 years older than Cecilia. They had some fun with that info.

The whole trip was a huge success. They got the family history scoop they were looking for and also got to meet their new family members.

Next week on Tia and Tamera, Tia does a bikini photo shoot. How will she handle it? Watch it next Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Style.

Also, stay tuned for the baby watch! Tamera is due today for her baby boy. Maybe a Halloween baby?

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