‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Bye Bye Baby Belly

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Tamera is finding that she has no extra room at her current condo. She actually stores a food processor in the bathroom cabinet. Tamera and Adam are talking about starting a family so she feels that maybe they should find a bigger place to live.

Tia meets up with her good friend Wendy for a bite to eat. Tia tells her that she is so out of shape since having the baby. She has her new book coming out and will be doing a photo shoot for it soon, so she is nervous about the extra weight. Wendy heads up the Amazing Grace Conservatory where many talented kids attend who are encouraged to express themselves in dance or acting. She is having a fashion show fundraiser to raise money for the kids and she asked Tia if she would like to participate along with Tamera. Tia is excited to help out and tells Wendy that she is sure her sister will be, too.

Tia takes Cree to the pool to get him used to the water with the help of an instructor. That baby is so sweet. He looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world. Tamera shows up and as they are talking, Tia shows her baby belly to her sister. She says that she needs to do something before her photo shoot. Tamera is willing to take an exercise class with her sister so they can both get into shape.

Tamera asks a realtor to come look at the condo that she wants to put on the market. As she is giving him the tour of the place, she tells him that she did most of the decorating herself. He was impressed with it and tells her that it shouldn’t be a problem selling the condo quickly.

The girls head to the conservatory to talk to the kids there about how they got their start in the business and talks to them about expressing themselves through acting and dancing. The kids seemed to take in every word they said. Cree is having trouble sleeping and keeps mom awake almost all night. The next morning, Tamera comes over to go with her sister for a workout. Tia almost backs out but she pushes herself out the door to a cardio class that also incorporates ballet movements into the workout. Tia says afterwards that she has used muscles that she has never used in her whole life.

The realtor comes by to take Tamera out to look at some new homes. She is looking for the perfect one for her and Adam, but nothing seems to measure up. Now she is having second thoughts about selling the condo, especially when Tia comes over and they reminisce about all of the memories they had in that place.

The girls head out to take part in the fashion show with the kids to raise money for costumes and other items they need. It was a huge success! The kids were adorable and everyone had so much fun while walking the runway.

Tamera decides to take her sister to workout with Richard Simmons. He was pretty popular back in the 80’s and provides more of a fun time while exercising. Tia liked it better because she had a good time as she worked off that baby belly. She said she feels great about it now. Later at the photo shoot, she takes a look at the size two dresses and freaks out a little bit. They finally find a good fit for her and it goes really well. She is happy with the way she looks and says that she feels sexy just being herself.

Tamera and Adam take a walk around the neighborhood to look at some of the houses that they like to give them a sense at what they really want in a new place. As they walk hand in hand talking, Tamera asks Adam to be honest with her about whether he thinks the condo is just hers or both of theirs. He tells her that he pretty much feels comfortable anywhere he lives but it would be nice to have something they have created together. She tells Adam that she is having trouble giving up something that was just hers before she met him. However, Tamera decides that it is time to move on into a new place with new memories for the both of them.

Will the couple find a home that is the perfect fit for them? Stay tuned for another new episode of Tia and Tamera Monday nights on Style.

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