‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Cree Turns One!

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This week on Tia and Tamera, it’s Cree’s first birthday and mommy Tia is planning a huge party. Tamera is helping but first, they are teaching Cree how to blow bubbles so he can blow out his own birthday candles. Tia is planning on a taco truck, a snow cone truck, a petting zoo, and the list goes on and on. Her sister thinks she is crazy to have all that stuff.

Tamera’s dog, Milano, has started peeing on the floor and she is not happy. He has also let loose on her couch twice. She thinks that maybe he is doing this because she was gone making her Christmas movie for too long. Whatever the reason, little Milano is in the dog house.

Tamera plans a girl’s night out with some friends to get Tia out of the house. She needs a distraction from party planning, according to her sister. They go out bowling and afterwards, Tamera gives her sister a gift for Cree. It’s a cute outfit as an early birthday present. Tia loves it. Tamera also pulls out a smaller boy’s outfit. She announces that she is having a boy! Cree will have a baby boy cousin! Tia is so excited for her twin. She pointed out that instead of Sister, Sister, it can now be called cousin, cousin. Wouldn’t that be cool if the boys grow up to do a show together?

Tia tells her sister that she wants to make a gluten-free cake for the party but Tamera is not sure that all the guests would like the taste. Tia decides to do a trial run and make gluten-free cupcakes first to see how they taste.

Tia sent out the party invitations by email, but it turns out that no one has received them yet. Aleena checked her email and found it in her spam folder. Now Tia is wondering if anyone will show up to Cree’s party. She will now have to call each and every person on her list to find out if they are coming. Not such a great start for her party planning.

Tia’s friend, Hosea, pays her a visit. She asks if he is coming to Cree’s party. He said he would try but he might have to rent a baby for the day so he won’t feel left out. Tia tells him all about the party. Hosea looked a little bored by it all since he doesn’t seem to have any kids yet. He does give her some advice on how crazy it is to have an over-the-top party for a one-year-old child. He tells Tia that Cree will not even remember the whole thing or even know who is there. They start a funny conversation on how maybe Cree is actually a genius kid. Hosea says, “That’s the thing about having a kid, you never know what you’re going to get.” That was the funny line of the night.

Tamera takes Milano to the vet after Andrea suggested that his peeing might just be a health problem. The vet checks him out and says that Milano is quite health with no urinary issues. Unfortunately, it has now become a behavioral problem.

It’s time for some gluten-free shopping. The girls head to a shop with all the ingredients they need to experiment with their gluten-free cupcakes. They get home, follow the recipe, and pop them in the oven. With a little frosting on top, it is time to try them out. Unfortunately, Tamera says they are awful and leaves a weird taste in her mouth. It’s time to bring in the professionals.

Tia is upset because nothing is going right for Cree’s party so far. While interviewing potential entertainment for the party, it becomes a cry fest for the birthday boy. Cree cries through most of it. She is starting to think that she has gone way overboard on the planning.

It’s time for desperate measures as Tamera calls in a dog whisperer for Milano. She told Tamera that he is craving more attention because of the new baby coming. She told Tamera that she needs to be there for him a little bit more and pamper him as well as the new baby. Adam, who was not home at the time, couldn’t believe his wife called her in for help, but he does agree to give the pooch a little more love. Although he says that he draws the line at kissing him. Smart guy!

The party for Cree is all set up in the park with balloons, food trucks and animals to pet, but where is everyone? Tia is starting to worry that no one will show up. Finally, people started filtering in. It turned out to be a fun event for everyone, even baby Cree. The baker made a gluten free cake for Cree and a regular huge cake for everyone else. Tamera was happy about that.

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