‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Doula Right Thing

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Tia is bored without a job and is now after a new hobby. She is going without meat and only eating vegetables. When her sister asks her why, Tia replies that she is bored. She then came up with the idea to grow her own vegetables. That would sure keep her busy. She enlists Aleena to help her with it since she has had a garden of her own. They get to work on it, if only Tia could get past all the yucky bugs she encounters along the way.

Tamera is now in her third trimester and wants to have a birthing plan. She tells Tia that she wants to do it all natural. Tia says that she had a plan, too, but then Cree was a breach baby and she had to have a C-section, which wasn’t part of her plan. Tamera says that she may be different than her sister and that it makes her feel better having a birthing plan.

Tamera and Adam attend birthing classes together. She seems be overwhelmed with the information on how the birthing process happens. What does Adam want to learn from the class? He says, “I want to learn what I can do to not get thrown out of the room.” Funny guy, but very smart! He also learns how to slow dance with his wife during labor to help get him be more involved in the process.

Tia meets up with her Sister, Sister mom, Jackee’. They talk about Tia’s process of going out there on auditions to find the right job for her. Jackee’ tells her to be strong and to know her worth in the entertainment business. She has had plenty of experience and has some wise advice to hand out.

Tamera calls a Doula to talk to her about natural childbirth. Her name is Latham Thomas and Tamera is impressed with her right away. They go through how she helps women prepare for that special day. Lathan comes back later to show Tamera how to make herself some healthy food that will help with the swelling that she is experiencing. They also talk about how to prepare for when the time comes to give birth.

Tia has lunch with Wendy, one of her former co-stars of The Game. The girls have known each other for 7 years and there are tears from both of them as they realize how much they will miss each other. Later, Tia gets a call from her manager Adam, who wants her to go to a meeting with some executives from Nickelodeon. They have some ideas for new projects that might be in the works and wants to sit down with her to see if they can work something out. Tia tells them what she has been up to lately. She is excited, but is not so sure if it is going well since they weren’t smiling back.

Tia’s husband, Cory goes out to help her with the garden. They talk about her meeting. He encourages his wife to stay positive and not give up because sometimes it just takes time to get what is right for her.

While Tamera is doing the dishes alone at home, she starts feeling some pelvic pressure. She calls her doctor right away and he told her to go lie down for a while. Tia stops by and sees her twin on the couch. They are both worried because Tia said that she has never experienced that kind of pressure before with Cree. However, after getting an ultrasound by the doctor, he says that all is well. The baby is just getting bigger and stretching all over the place. The girls are excited to see baby boy Housley in ultrasound photos. He is beautiful!

Tia finally gets a call from manager Adam saying that Nick at Nite wants to set her up with her own pilot. She is so excited as she does a little victory dance for Cory. He didn’t look too impressed but he is happy for his wife.

Next week on Tia and Tamera, Tia throws Tamera a baby shower. Of course, don’t look for it to go too smoothly.

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