‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Failure to Communicate

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This week on Tia and Tamera, the lack of communication between the twins is getting in the way of their relationship. Neither one of them have an understanding of each other. Something needs to be done. Tamera doesn’t want to continue like this with her sister. She has a video chat with Jerome. She tells her cousin that Tia misunderstands her all the time. He thinks that they should both go check out a therapist to see if that helps. Tamera approaches her sister about it and she agrees to go with her.

Tamera is speaking in front of 1,000 girls at DeVry University. She is told that she has to speak for 20 minutes and that gets her freaked. She says that she is not a good communicator and finds it hard to come up with encouraging words to keep the girls’ interest for that long. Her husband Adam, who is a news reporter, has no problem with words so she enlists his help with her speech. He gives his wife some tips on how to roll out her words without going too slow or too fast.

Tia is taking a sign language class with baby Cree. She learns how to communicate with him, or she tries anyway. She uses her hands to say the word milk. It’s pretty funny when Cree tries to imitate his momma. Not sure if it’s working but it sure was funny to watch. Cree is a little cutie. Tamera comes over and tries to communicate as well using baby sign language. She breaks out with her infectious laugh.

At their therapy session, the girls talk about how they feel when they argue. Tamera especially tells Tia that she makes her feel like she is always being criticized by her. Tia is upset that she makes her sister feel that way. They both come to realize that even though they are twins, they both communicate differently. Tia learns that she needs physical affirmation such as a phone call from her sister while Tamera needs affirmation from Tia instead of negativity all the time. It looks like progress is being made between the two. They love each other enough to work on their communication with each other.

It’s time for Tamera to make her speech at the university. She is nervous but pretty excited. Little does she know that Tia shows up behind the scenes to support her sister in a positive way. Tamera does great and the girls absolutely loved her. They were excited to meet her and to give them positive encouragement. Tamera was so excited to see her sister there for support.

Next week on Tia and Tamera, Tia is concerned about her left over baby weight and is bound to lose it. It looks like Richard Simmons will be on the case. Watch it next Monday night on Style.

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