‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Game Over

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The second season of Tia and Tamera continues. Last time, it was announced that Tamera is pregnant. She is now five months along and is set to star in a movie called Christmas Angel which also stars actress Teri Polo. She is video chatting with her cousin Jerome. He seems to be amazed by the fact that his cousin seems to have grown some Wendy Williams’ boobs, as he calls it. Tamera’s husband, Adam won’t be able to go with her to New Orleans where the movie is being filmed, so she asks Jerome to go with her.

Tia decides to get a tattoo of Cree’s name somewhere on her body. This will be her third one. Aleena also decides to get another one. She mentions this to Tamera who wonders what her sister will do if she has three kids. Where would the other tattoos go? The girls compare their pregnancies. Tia warns her twin about how it feels to work while being pregnant, especially filming a movie. Tamera says that she will be fine and that she feels great so far.

Tia’s manager, Adam calls her to say that her show, The Game will have some casting changes. They want to put Tia on recurring instead of a regular. She has been playing the role of Melanie on the BET series for five seasons and she is upset at the thought of leaving. She now has to make a decision on what to do.

Tamera arrives on the set of her new movie in New Orleans along with Jerome. He is being a little overprotective with his cousin, but she doesn’t want to be doted on since she feels fine. In between shooting scenes, the cousins take a river tour through gator country. Tamera got to hold a live gator. It was actually a very small gator, but she was worried anyway and only wanted to hold it for a couple of seconds. She thought it was cool and something she had always wanted to do.

Back at home, Tia sits down with her husband Cory as they discuss her options on whether to just leave her show right now or sign up to do a few recurring roles for a while. She wants Cory’s input. She tells him that she doesn’t want to disappoint her fans, but she also wants to keep herself open to something else. In the end, he says that it will be her decision on what she feels is the right thing to do for her.

Before they get their tattoos, Tia and Aleena stop at a bar for a shot or two to help with the anxiousness. It pretty much wears off before they get started. Tia decides to get the tattoo on her left rib. She got through the pain of it all and was so happy with the design. She says that Cree’s name will forever be tattooed close to her heart. She shows it off to Tamera and Jerome through video chat. They were surprised she went through with it but also loved it.

Tamera finally admits to Jerome that she is just plain exhausted and she has cankles! She even said that maybe her twin was right when she said that it will be much harder to film while being pregnant, especially with the heat and humidity in New Orleans. It only took a few days to film her scenes and then she headed home. But not before she took part in more yummy New Orleans food which she loved. She even let cousin Jerome dote on her just a little.

Tia is emotional as calls her manager to tell him that she is not coming back to the role of Melanie as a recurring character. She explains that she fell in love with the character she has played for five years and has learned a lot from her, but it is now time to move ahead.

This season on Tia and Tamera, viewers will be able to follow Tamera’s pregnancy and more difficulties between the twins. Be sure to follow along every Tuesday night at 9p.m. on the Style Network.

Were you surprised that Tia made the decision to leave her role on The Game permanently?

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