‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Holy Moley!

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Tamera is having a bit of babyitis. She goes out shopping with Jerome when she goes crazy over the baby stuff. Tamera thinks that she just might be ready for a baby after all. Jerome suggests that she babysit Cree to get the feel of being a mom. Tamera thinks that is a great idea and calls Tia to see how she feels about that. There is a bit of silence over the phone.

Tamera and Jerome meet up with Tia over lunch as they talk about the whole babysitting idea. Tia is reluctant about it, but she finally agrees. As they are chatting, Jerome and Tamera notices a mole on Tia’s neck that they hadn’t seen on her before. Tia tells them that the mole has gotten bigger since her pregnancy. They tell her she should get it checked out by a doctor but Tia doesn’t seem to be too worried about it. After thinking about it, she decides to make an appointment to set her and her sister’s mind at ease.

While Tamera is at a magazine photo shoot, she gets news that she lost out on another audition. She is a little bummed about it and also wonders how a baby would fit into her life right now. She wants to land a gig before pilot season is over and to be able to plan her life as a working mom when that time comes.

Both of the girls head to the doctor’s office to get their moles checked out. The doctor wants to remove the mole from Tia’s neck. He tells her that removing it is the only way to test it to make sure it is not cancerous. He also takes a look at the moles on Tamera’s back. He also thinks she should have hers removed. They decide to go in together for the procedure. It’s a twin thing!

Tia admits that she has some trust issues when it comes to anyone watching Cree, even her sister. She says that she is a first time mom and it stresses her out to think that something could happen and her not being there. This leads her to plant a teddy bear camera in the room to keep an eye on things. Tia also convinces Jerome to pay a surprise visit with Tamera as she is watching Cree. Tamera is suspicious as soon as Jerome arrives. He tells her that Tamera put him up to it. Tamera ends up doing great with Cree, despite her sister not trusting her. Later, Tia confesses to Tamera about the camera. Tamera is surprised by the whole thing, but she kind of understands and forgives her sister, as long as she never does that again.

Tia is on her way for the procedure to remove her mole. She gets a call from Tamera who bails out on her at the last-minute. It seems that she has an opportunity for another audition. Tia isn’t happy at all because she will be alone during the procedure. However, she did great. It was all over pretty quick and now is the waiting game to make sure the mole isn’t cancerous.

As Adam is videotaping Tamera lying in bed with her phone, she gets a call about her last audition. They tell her that she got a new pilot! She is so excited that she starts crying. She worked really hard to get this and now is seeing that hard work pay off in a good way. It seems that Adam knew about this ahead of time and got her reaction all on tape. What a great guy!

Later, Tamera tells Adam that she is ready to start a family. Being the laid back husband he is, Adam just laughed a bit and said…okay. Tia finally calls the doctor to find out the results of the biopsy on her mole. He put her fears to rest and told her everything is fine. No cancer! Tamera is with her and they are both relieved. It is Tamera’s turn next.

Next week on Tia and Tamera, the twins have trouble communicating with each other. Will they be able to work things out and learn how to deal their misunderstandings? Stay tuned!

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