‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Lights, Camera, Confrontation

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Tamera is filming Hollywood Girls Night with Allison Sweeney, Ali Landry and Carnie Wilson. The girls talked about all sorts of things on camera. Also, the girls’ cousin, Jerome visits with Tamera and she is quite excited about it. This guy is a gem listening to his cousin rattle on about the twins’ complicated relationship. He loves the girls and is always there for both of them.

As Tamera and Jerome are having lunch together, Tia calls and invites them both to come to Utah to visit with her. There was a little hesitation on Tamera’s part but she decides that she wants to talk with her sister and spend time with her and Cree.

Tia thinks that she is having pregnancy symptoms so she buys two pregnancy tests to find out. One of the tests comes out positive, the other comes out negative. What does this mean? It means that she will have to wait to purchase another test.

Cory surprises Tia when he shows up at the movie set. She is super excited to see her husband. It is pretty obvious when she throws him down and squeals like a little girl. It was super cute! They make such a great couple and seem to know each other quite well. Tia also squeals when Tamera calls her to say that they are in Utah and are on their way to see her.

It looked like a classic counseling session with the girls sitting down with Jerome to chat about their relationship woes. Tia said that she is more up front and Tamera said that she is the passive one. Tia learns that the way she communicates seems to hurt her sister. They both talk it out and it all ends with a hug from Jerome, who is such a great listener and counselor.

Tamera asks Tia and Cory whether they are thinking of having more children. Tamera has no idea that her sister has taken the two pregnancy tests. Not even Cory knows about it. Cory says that yes, they do want more but not right now. Tia doesn’t exactly know what to say but her expression about says it all.

Tamera’s manager Ben calls her while she is in Utah and tells her that they want her to come back to read with Martin Lawrence. She had already had her first audition for this part and it seems they were impressed with her. Tamera is really excited. Adam, Tamera’s husband, is also excited for her. She is a little hesitant about having to leave her sister earlier than expected but this is something she wants to do.

Before she heads back, the girls go snow tubing with Cory, Jerome and baby Cree. They scream and laugh the whole time. It was a fun time for all of them. Their giggling and laughing is so infectious that you can’t help but laugh along with them. Later that night, Tia confides in Tamera that she might possibly be pregnant. Tia asked her sister whether she uses birth control. Tia admits that she doesn’t. They had a few laughs about it. Tamera is excited for her sister but she wants her to go out to get another test to be sure before she heads back home. They head to the pharmacy to buy a test but they couldn’t make up their minds on which one to get, so they end up getting more than one. Tia says that she wants another baby but this may not be the right time with her hectic schedule right now. After two of the tests came back not pregnant, there was a huge sigh of relief.

Tamera finally feels comfortable leaving her sister, especially seeing how comfortable and positive Tia is in her new movie role. She had the chance to watch her on set before she left and she was very impressed.

Next week on Tia and Tamera, which sister will have a health scare? Find out next Monday at 8pm on the Style network.

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