‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: New York, New Image

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On this week’s episode of Tia and Tamera, the girls are on a trip to New York City to appear on the new ABC show, The Revolution. They are excited about being interviewed by Tim Gunn and also have other things on their agenda while in the big city.

Tamera meets with her publicist to talk about getting some acting gigs. She wants to come across as a grown woman rather than the ‘sweet’ girl from Sister, Sister. She wants to be taken seriously as she intends to meet with a few magazine editors to see what she can do about changing her image a bit. Tamera is also on a quest to find a wine distributor for her husband’s family wine-making business. They lost their distributor and now will need to find a new one. Adam enlists his wife’s help in this mission. Could he be using her status as a celebrity? That is what her sister seems to think. Tamera doesn’t seem to care. She deems it a challenge on her busy agenda.

Tia has written a book called Oh, Baby!: Pregnancy Advice from One Hot Mama to Another. She sees this as a great opportunity to promote it while in New York. She says that doors have opened up for her since becoming a mom and she loves it.

As they arrive in New York, each of them go off on their separate ways. Tamera sets out to prove that she is an adult actress and not that little girl. But first, she has a meeting with true Italian wine lover whom she hopes will be interested in the family wine business. After getting off to a rough start, things start looking up and Tamera is thrilled that she represented the Housley family well. She then heads out to meet with the editors of Essence Magazine. At first, they call her sweet. Not exactly what Tamera wanted to hear, but then they start talking sultry and she was all ears after that. She also meets up with Self Magazine and that also went well.

Tia meets with Parenting Magazine to talk about her new book. They all said they enjoyed reading it. One of the women gave Tia a walk down memory lane as she showed off a framed photo of the twins. She sent the picture to them hoping that the girls would sign it and send it back to her. Sure enough, they did just that! She has kept it ever since and thought it was cool to be sitting there chatting with her childhood celebrity.

The girls also got their chance to get all dolled up as they met with Tim Gunn on The Revolution. They both have a lot of fun and it gave Tia the chance to talk about her book.

Now that the girls have a chance to relax, Tia tries convincing Tamera that she still wants to party and is still good at it. Tamera thinks that being a mom loses its ability to have fun. She can’t get used to the idea that moms can party, too. The girls go out for dinner first and talk about their day. Tia is missing baby Cree, which has Tamera saying that she knew this would happen.

On their last night in the city, they head out with a friend of Tia’s, who is also a mom, to a club. Tia proves her sister wrong as she stands up and dances to the music and has a great time. Tamera admits that she was wrong and that she was the one that held back, not her sister. Moms can be fun! Tamera will soon learn this concept when she joins the ranks of motherhood.

Catch the next episode of Tia and Tamera next Monday night at 8pm on Style.

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