‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: South Africa

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Adam asked Tamera to go along with him on his trip to South Africa. She asked Tia to go with them but she didn’t think it would be a good idea. Tamera then asked Jerome via Skype to go but before he could answer, her pooch puked all over her expensive sweater. After he was through laughing hysterically, Jerome said yes, he would love to go.

After she got her shots out of the way, Tamera and Adam discussed the possibility of swimming with sharks. Adam is very adventurous and wants to experience this with his wife but she finds this kind of dangerous. As Tamera says, “Sharks kill people.” They finally arrive at their destination after the longest flight of their life so far.

Their first adventure was at the Aquila Wildlife Reserve for a true African safari. They run into rhinos, zebras and of course, lions. Tamera and Jerome start freaking out when a lion gets too close to the vehicle. After that, they ran upon some elephants and got out to see them up close.

Tamera decided that she wanted to take an elephant ride. As soon as she stopped freaking out, she had a blast. It was Jerome’s turn next. He was hilarious to watch. Adam took tons of photos for them to have lifetime memories. Later that night, the couple were going through the pictures on the laptop when Jerome paid them a visit. After seeing them together, he decided to give them a little time alone. Poor Jerome is starting to feel a little lonely that he doesn’t have anyone to share this with. At least that’s what Tamera thought.

After chatting with someone about swimming with the sharks, Tamera insists that she is not doing it. Later, she took Jerome along with her to help plant some organic vegetables as a volunteer project with some local women that help their community in a big way. It was a rewarding time for both of them.

Adam and Tamera like to go wine tasting every place they visit and this time was no different. Jerome also went along, but he does not drink and found the whole thing to be very boring. He went back to the hotel with his iPad. Tamera knows that something is wrong so she went after him to talk. Jerome tells his cousin that their relationship has changed. Tamera admitted that she went into newlywed mode after she married Adam and he is who she focused on at the time. She also admits that she is not as close to Jerome as they used to be. Tamera decided to pull back on talking about Adam all the time.

It’s time to visit with the sharks! The cousins meet Adam at the Great White Shark alley of the world. As soon as Tamera spots the great whites in the water, she starts freaking out all over again. Who could blame her? In the end, the three of them got up close and personal with the creatures. Tamera was super excited to have conquered her fear and Adam was very proud of his wife. Adam celebrated by taking the three of them on a private cruise on a yacht before they headed home. Tamera and Adam make such a sweet couple as they enjoyed their romantic time together.

Even though Tia was only in a very quick scene in the beginning of this episode, it was one of the best ones of this season.

Next week on Tia and Tamera, Tamera has a special surprise in store.

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