‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: The Cree Cree Crawl

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Tia is in Utah filming her new movie while Tamera has been running around doing auditions. Both girls are super busy and barely have time for the things they love. This episode is all about stress. Will the girls find a way a balance in their lives?

Tia is missing Cree like crazy. Even though he is there with her in Utah, she doesn’t see him as often as she likes. Her nanny, Ritva stays with Cree while she is off to work early mornings and late nights. She is afraid of missing out on all the little things he does. Her sister Tamera is way too exhausted to go out with Andrea or really too tired to do much of anything. She tells her best friend that auditioning is really hard work.

Actress Tori Spelling stops by to chat with Tia about their kids and how hard it is to miss them so much. Tia is just happy that there is someone out there that actually understands where she is coming from. Back at home, Tamera’s manager Ben calls to tell her that she didn’t get the job that she had just auditioned for. Even though she is disappointed, she has four more auditions to go to. She is starting to stress big time. Her husband Adam, who used to play pro-baseball, gave her some pointers on dealing with her stress by using baseball analogy. That seemed to help her out. His basic advice was to look away for a minute and then come back to it. In other words, she needs to take a little break to focus on something fun, then go back to work.

Tia comes back after work and Ritva tells her that Cree looks like he may start crawling very soon. Later, Cree is seen crawling for the first time as seen in a video Ritva sent to Tia while she was on set. She calls Cory to tell him about it. Cory suggests that Tia bring Cree to work with her. She likes that idea.

Tamera is tired of acting her way through her weak knowledge of wine so she decides to sign up for a wine pairing class. This is her time to look away from her auditions to do something she likes to do. She learns how to pair up a wine with the main course. She is also feeling very overwhelmed with trying to decorate her new home. Adam has his part all done and she hasn’t even started on her part. Eventually with a little help, she finds the perfect match. She is on the road to making her house her real home with her husband.

The sisters have a video chat and Tamera suggests that Tia take a break from acting. Tia tells her that she doesn’t have a child and has no idea what it’s like. She also says that there may not be another time for work in the acting business. Tia gets a bit sensitive to what her sister is trying to say. Later on, Tia brings Cree on set but it didn’t last long. She has a long day of taping and Cree starts getting really cranky being away from his comfort zone. Ritva ends up taking Cree back to the condo where he is more comfortable and Tia has to say goodbye. However, she does see first-hand Cree crawling around on the floor and that makes her very happy.

Tamera decides to host a dinner party for a few of her closest friends to show off her wine knowledge and to unwind in the process. It worked because Andrea noticed how happy and relaxed her best friend was. She is now ready to get back to her auditions without feeling so stressed about it.

Tia tells her assistant Aleena that she took a little of what her sister said to heart, but since Tamera doesn’t have kids yet, it’s hard to take any advice from her.

Next week on Tia and Tamera, the girls get together to talk about their disagreement and Tamera might have some exciting news for her sister.

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