‘Tia and Tamera’ Recap: Too Much Napa Whine

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Tamera is planning a housewarming party in the new house in Napa. She hasn’t got everything worked out yet but both Tamera and Adam aren’t too worried about it…yet. Tia is planning on going with her sister to Napa for five days, leaving baby Cree with Cory. She is having separation anxiety even before she leaves. There is a tearful goodbye and some hesitation as she walks out the door.

Once in Napa, the girls arrive to find a little bit of chaos going on. Tia can’t believe all the work her sister still needs to do. The furniture is setting out on the doorstep and workers are putting in a library two days before the party. Jerome arrives to help out. Tamera is still not too worried, but she does pitch in to help instead of just watching others do it.

Tia calls home to find out how the guys are doing without her. Cree was so cute when he was checking out the phone when his mommy was talking. It turns out that Cory is having fun with Cree and she has nothing to worry about.

Tamera has been trying to get Tia on the back of a Roommatesmotorcycle for years. Adam tells her that now would be a good time to try it out. Tia refuses, even after Jerome tries talking her into it. She told her cousin that if he would do it, then she would, too. He decided not to at this time. Tia figured she was safe for now.

Eden, who is helping to design Tamera’s house, told her that she has some bad news. The furniture company called to say that the second shipment would be a day late. This means that they will be scrambling at the last minute to get everything in place before the party on Saturday. Now Tamera is starting to worry!

The girls and Jerome pay a visit to Tamera’s in-laws. They live in a beautiful area with horses, which means you have to be careful of where you step. Tia, who decided to wear high heels, was not thrilled to find horse poop all over. However, Tamera looked quite at home in that environment. Adam’s parents look like they have nothing but love for their daughter-in-law.

Tamera is trying to blend both hers and Adam’s styles in their new house but Adam seems to have a lot of stuff to deal with. There is a huge shelving unit that is a focal point in the room and has most of his trinkets scattered everywhere. Tamera discusses with her husband on what to do with it. She wants to rearrange a bit. They come to an agreement eventually. Tamera gets to work.

Tia and Jerome are chilling by the pool when Tia decides to check her phone that she left inside. She has six calls from Cory trying to get hold of her. She started panicking thinking that something is wrong with the baby. What is the emergency? Daddy can’t find Elmo anywhere! Tia is relieved and even finds it a bit funny. Jerome told her that she needs to trust Cory to handle things at home. She starts to relax a bit and is able to have fun with her sister for a few days.

Later as the last-minute preparations were made, Tia told her sister that she was very impressed how Tamera incorporated her style into Adam’s style on the shelving unit. Tamera is finally getting a handle on how to decorate using both styles together. The party was a huge success. The Housley’s were extremely proud that they had pulled it off. Although Adam told Tamera that they are not moving for a very long time.

The next morning, Adam talked Jerome into taking a ride on his motorcycle down the street. Jerome had fun but he sure hopped off that bike quickly. This meant that Tia also had to take a ride. Tamera was very happy that her twin sister and her husband had this time to bond. Tia had such a great time that she asked to go again. Later, the girls got together to chat about what they had learned. Tamera learned that she needed to stop being so controlling in her marriage and Tia learned that she needed to trust her husband more.

Next week on Tia and Tamera, a trip to Africa is in the works for Tamera and Jerome.

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