‘Tia and Tamera’ Season 2 Recap: Almost Famous and Naked

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Tia is back to going out on auditions. She tells her sister that she seems to forget her lines which she never had trouble before. Tamera and Adam’s condo is becoming quite small with the new baby coming soon. Poor Adam is being kicked out of his man cave to make it into their baby son’s nursery. What will he do without his man cave?

Life & Style Magazine wants to do a photo shoot with Tia in a bikini! The theme is hot bodies after having a baby. She meets up with her publicist, Jordyn who thinks she has a smoking hot body and tells Tia that she can show people that she is just a normal woman who worked to get her body back. She thinks Tia should do it and talks her into it. She is way out of her comfort zone with this, but she decides to go for it. However, she tells Jordyn that she does not want her photos retouched in any way.

Cree is waking up every night around midnight so Tia starts putting him in bed with her and Cory in order to get some sleep. However, she is not getting that much sleep because Cree is kicking her in the head most nights. One of her friend’s, Nicki thinks it is wrong to have a child in bed with you because it is really hard to break that habit. Her other friend Kam says it is great and does it herself. Tia is torn on what to do so she calls a sleep consultant to help deal with the issue. She admits that maybe she needs that time with Cree since she never knows if she will go back to work. She decides that she shouldn’t feel so guilty about it.

Tia tries to hand off some her stuff to Tamera, including an adult onesie that Tamera deems ridiculous on her. The girls decide to have a pop-up sale and give the money they raise to a charity called Family Promise, which is an organization that helps homeless familes get back on their feet. Tamera and her best friend Andrea visit a shop that would be willing to donate space for their fundraiser. However, they only have two days to get everything ready to go.

As Tia is getting ready for the photo shoot, Jordyn notices a tweet that Tia sent out to the world saying that she will not be retouched. Now she can’t change her mind. She brought along little Cree to be in some of the photos. At first Tia was hesitant because there were so many people hanging around watching, but she did great. Cree even had fun.

The sisters have a chat about the sleeping thing. Tamera feels that Tia isn’t as happy with the situation as she makes it out to be. Tia tells her that she is happy if Cree is happy and it works for their family right now.

It’s the day of the sale and the twins are getting excited as people start showing up. Tamera is worried that they won’t make their goal of $500, but they did make it and more! They doubled it. The girls are happy that they will be able to help their charity. Tia had a hard time letting go of her dresses that she wore during The Game but she says that it was good for her to let that part of her past go.

Jordyn stops by to show Tia the final product of the photo shoot. It turned out beautifully. Tia loved it and the best part of it was that it was not retouched at all. Cree was even happy with it.

Did you hear? Cree has a new cousin! Tamera had her baby on Nov. 12. Congratulations to Tamera and Adam!

Watch Tamera’s continuing pregnancy on Tia and Tamera next Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on the Style Network.

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