‘Tia and Tamera’ Season 2 Recap: Stripteased

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Tamera is nearing the end of her pregnancy and she is getting tired so quickly. She is getting excited to meet her little boy after nine months of anticipation. Cousin Jerome seems to think that the baby looks like his daddy Adam after he saw the ultrasound picture Tamera showed him. This brings to mind how he will grow up as an interracial child and being able to handle any controversy that comes his way.

Tia and her friend Kam head out shopping together. They talk about how hard it is to be intimate with your husband after having kids. Kam says that she becomes two different people for her husband. Tia decides that she wants to make things more exciting for Cory to keep things fresh in their marriage. She signs up for a strip class complete with a pole and takes Aleena with her.

At first, Tia couldn’t even wrap herself around the pole but after a few tricks given to her by the instructor, she found her inner sensuality that she is looking forward to sharing with Cory. She even showed her sexy moves to her sister while Tamera just sat there and cracked up watching her. Tia later took her husband out for dinner for a romantic time together. Of course, she surprised Cory behind closed doors all the moves she had learned.

Tamera decided to take a breastfeeding class because Tia had so much trouble nursing Cree. Tamera learned the proper way to do it and had a few laughs in the process. She is also trying to plan a girl’s night out with her friends before she becomes a new mom. Andrea talks to her about how things might change once the baby is born. They both break down in tears talking about their friendship and new beginnings in their lives.

It looks like the girl’s night out has changed to a girl’s night in because Tamera is totally exhausted to go out. Her friends, including Candace Cameron-Bure from Full House fame, all came over for a fun and intimate dinner. They all talked about what it’s like being a mom and shared some humorous mom stories with Tamera.

Tamera expressed her concerns to her sister on her son having to grow up with others harassing him on being interracial. She later had a conversation with Adam about the racial aspect of their son. He assured his wife that they will teach him to embrace who he is as a person and to love both sides of his heritage.

Tia decided to make a huge change. She called in her personal hairstylist to chop her hair. Everyone knows by now that she has a new pixie cut but last night, viewers got to see her reaction as her long hair fell to the floor. In the end, Tia loved her new look. What do you think of Tia’s haircut?

Next week is the season finale of Tia and Tamera at 9 p.m. EST on Style.

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