‘Tia and Tamera’ Season 3 Recap: Boot Camp Brawl

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This week on Tia and Tamera, Tia is worried about her ‘after baby tummy’ even though she had Cree two years ago. She heads to the gym with her friend, Kam. The paparazzi catch them as they are heading out after their workout. Tia then finds out that a rumor is going around on the internet that she is pregnant with a second baby. It came as a result of a recent photo of her that showed her tummy a bit. She decides that it is time to get serious about getting rid of it.

Meanwhile, Tamera gets a call from her manager with an interesting opportunity. She sets up a meeting for the new mom for a new talk show that may be just the right fit for her. The meeting went quite well and Tamera is excited about this new venture in her career. Now she just has to sit back and wait for the call.

Tia wants to take Tamera and their cousin Jerome to a boot camp an hour away. Jerome gets talked into going after Tia mentions that she went zip lining with him. Once there, the three got started right away. The head honcho with the big muscles took them to their bunks. It was certainly not the Hilton. They got a little worried when he told them, “Pain is just weakness leaving the body.” That sure is an interesting thought.

After crawling through mud, running through an obstacle course and doing a ladder challenge together, the girls were tired and hurting, but they were happy that they were stronger than what they thought.

That night, Tamera had a chat with her sister about the project that they were supposed to do together. It got shoved aside after Tia decided to do her solo project instead. Tamera had no idea about it until she read it on the internet and she took the heat from the show’s producers. Tia told Tamera that nothing was official yet on the project and Instant Mom came through first. However, Tamera thought differently. Things got quite heated between the twins. Tamera sounds off on how hurt she was by her sister and thinks they shouldn’t work together anymore. Jerome finally comes in to calm them down a bit. They did hug it out, but they still had some communication issues to work on.

The trio decided to sneak out and go home. Once they were back at Tamera’s place, they pigged out on some yummy tiramisu and had no regrets about it either. Check out Tamera’s recipe for her favorite dessert on the show’s website.

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Do you think Tamera was right in being upset with Tia about her not communicating about the project?

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