Tia Mowry Pregnant and Happy

Tia Mowry is pregnant and happy with life. The Sister Sister star will soon have a new role as mom. For the time being, though, Tia is loving pregnancy. She is the first of the two Mowry sisters to get pregnant. Her twin, Tamera, is currently engaged to Fox News Correspondent Adam Housley.

Speaking about her pregnancy, Tia said, “You get special treatment, IÂ’m not going to lie. Everyone is always making sure youÂ’re okay. And feeling your baby kick for the first time is one of the most amazing, beautiful things IÂ’ve ever felt. The first time I felt him kick I was laying down in [sic] my bed watching A Baby Story and I felt [what I call a] ‘butterfly flutter’. I laugh with him when he kicks because heÂ’ll tickle me.”

Ah, it seems that TLC’s A Baby Story hits a cord with everyday moms and celebrity moms, alike. The show chronicles the lives of expectant parents in the months before and after the birth of their baby. It’s touching, and many pregnant women enjoy watching the sweet storylines played on this TV reality show, because it is real.

Tia isn’t the only one excited about her baby. Speaking about her husband, Cory Hardrict, she said, “Sometimes my husband will just tap my belly like, ‘Hey! Are you in there?’ But he moves when I eat because heÂ’s eating and loves it.”

It’s great to see Tia Mowry all grown up and on the verge of being a mommy. The perky little child actress has navigated the often dark path of celebrityhood and has entered motherhood intact.

There are too many times that children who grow up acting in the entertainment world take a wrong turn and end up with miserable adult lives. Fortunately, Tia Mowry wasn’t one of those.

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