Ticket to Ride by richardlynnlivesay SUNWE…PROSE POEM

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…and behind the perfect shadows, I wait for you upon

silent seas  rim-rolled into oblivion’s sun-scapes

crying, lonely only to go out, reaching for comfort in

waves of rhapsody’s flashed flickerings past the ever- edge…

let them go, you say but do not go quietly to see the other side.


I have reached the visible wind in my envelope of essence and

it sees me forward into my being to the raptures of angels

a breath alone, within I will wait for your bringing to me

to see a delicate dancing feather fluttering fearlessly

on secret whispers of omnipotence which solidifies my sovereignty

And at once it is ours to believe.


I tumble menacingly like rumbles from the floor of the sea

into cyclonic wind spirals like the strands of your silken hair

alive I could not see you and knew your shadow’s form

then strangers appear that we knew from worldly literature

Poe, telling the raven of Annabelle Lee’s sea

Socrates explaining suicide in exchange for truth.


 Emily and Rumi, poetically having tea under the oak tree

Jesus, Mohammad and Krishna, fishing down by the river

we walk in the green and flowery meadow connected in bliss

“tomorrow” we will take a trip and tour the Andromeda galaxy

The memories of pain, suffering and tears are all wiped away.



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RICHARD LYNN LIVESAY - Poet/Artist•Born 1943 Lubbock, Texas, lives in Greenville, SC• Education: U. of Ariz., Lubbock Christian College, Texas Tech U.• Careers: Art, Medical, Transportation, Entertainment• Curr

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