‘Ticklish Penguin’ (Video): Cookie Giggles its Way into a Million Hearts

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The Ticklish Penguin video has been lying dormant on YouTube since January of 2010. Now, the Little Penguin has become a YouTube viral sensation in the past several days. The video is getting about 1,000 views per second. Can you believe how many people are looking at the penguin all of a sudden?


The video was made as part of blog that was done by a volunteer with the Cincinnati Zoo. But hardly anybody realized that this adorable, giggling aquatic bird existed, until BoingBoing discovered an uncut clip of the Little Penguin and posted it.

His official name is Cookie, and he hatched at the zoo eight years ago. The cute, little, squeaky noises that he makes are part of the penguinÂ’s normal courting behavior.

Little Penguins typically only get about 12 inches tall, and they come from the coasts of Australia and New Zealand.

If you watch the viral video, you will see the Ticklish Penguin, named Cookie, “making a high pitched purring sound when his handler tickles him.” By far, this video beats the animal videos that you have seen in the past. The little guy really sounds like it is getting tickled pink when his handler is rubbing its belly.

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