Tide black

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By the night they haul the black canisters,

surreptitiously, stealthily they move

midst a moonless night with rabid dogs barking.

They say take care. “Take care?” yes, the death is

hot to handle, fragile; a leak may emit

unstable danger. “Take care?” yes, they will.

With care they will throw the toxic wastes

into the river flowing beside the place,

the factory, beside the barbwire fence.

Haul those poisons and dump them in the stream,

caring not to spill on their own yard.


They cannot see

the stream has changed

the direction

it is coming towards

their home=© 2009 – All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar


The tiny creek

is a play stream

during summer;

she can hike her dress and cross it with grace.

Mom is following her chirping fledgling.

Soon another little puffy face girl joins,

a friend who does not pass ugly remarks

on her whiteness, on her chalky face,

colorless hair, body, fear of sun.


Other girls of course do call her whity;

their mothers whisper, “She’s albino.”

As if it does matter; spells misfortune.

She cringes to a corner with her

only friend who stutters; it is their world

circled by a replica of the creek

they cross on the road to the public school.


It takes a different shape once it rains.

© 2009 – All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

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