Tiffany Flowers Home Safe After Abduction Ordeal

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Tiffany Flowers is home safe after an abduction ordeal lasting since Christmas day. The 34-year-old woman is fortunate that this ended as easily as it did. The Chicago woman is truly lucky, as she was believed to be in danger when she was finally reported missing on Monday.

It’s now Tuesday and Tiffany Flowers is home safe from an ordeal that many women do not survive. When a woman is abducted, even by a man they once trusted, things usually don’t end so peacefully. Flowers was allegedly abducted by Donta Wilson, her former boyfriend. Police have no released many details in the case, in particular whether or not Donta Wilson is in custody.

How did Tiffany Flowers make it home safely after being abducted by Donta Wilson? Official reports do not clarify on whether or not they have a serious relationship, but it’s reported that the two are familiar acquaintances. It’s also not known whether or not the man had a weapon whilst abducting the 34-year-old Chicago woman, but witnesses say that she was certainly taken against her will.

May your thoughts go out to Tiffany, while she recuperates from an undoubtedly traumatic ordeal.

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