Tiger Extinction: 12 Years Away? 3,200 Wild Tigers Remaining May be Extinct by 2022; Forest Cutting, Construction, Poaching to Blame

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Experts are forecasting wild tigers may be extinct in 12 years. Currently about 3,200 tigers remain in the wild but they face extinction because of poaching, forest cutting and construction. World Wild Life Tiger 22X34 Poster Animal Photo 9932There is an ongoing effort from 13 countries that still have tiger populations to try and double their tigers. This is a very realistic fear because the extinction date of 2022 is much closer than many had previously thought.

During a “Tiger Summit” meeting on Sunday, several wild life experts came together to assess the potential of wild tigers becoming extinct in 12 years. Experts discussed the dramatic drop in the wild tiger population of the world. About 100 years ago there were around 100,000 wild tigers but poaching, forest cutting and construction have reduced that number to only 3,200 tigers.

The number is dropping quickly and officials are hoping to come together to double it by 2022 with the Global Tiger Recovery Program. There was unanimous agreement between officials and the 13 countries where wild tigers still roam to boost the tiger populations immediately. The 13 countries are: Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, China, Russia, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

Hopefully, the Global Tiger Recovery Program will be successful. It will start global efforts to actively protect wild tiger habitats, end the black market which fuels poaching and create an incentive program which will entice locals to work with governments to protect wild tigers.

There is a lot of work ahead for the Global Tiger Recovery Program. What they are seeking to do is admirable but the poaching and destruction of tiger habitats has been going on for so long that it will be very difficult to change it. It would be a shame if wild tigers did become extinct because they are so beautiful and majestic.

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