Tiger Woods and tobacco: Florida cigar company courting embattled golfer

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With Tiger Woods’ endorsement potential diminishing by the minute in the wake of reports about his extramarital affairs, Orlando-based tobacco company Corona Cigar is offering the embattled golfer $100,000 to wear its colors.

The company has three cigar superstores/cigar bars, one of which Tiger Woods previously visited with former NBA great and close friend Charles Barkley.

Jeff Borysiewicz, Corona president and founder, said Tiger’s acceptance is a long shot. He said the offer is a way to let the world’s top-ranked golfer that he still has fans in Central Florida.

“There’s a lot of synergy between smoking cigars and golfing,” Borysiewicz told newspaper reporters.

I think Tiger might as well take it. At this point, forget about trying to be a role model. That’s what Barkley used to say in his commercials, “I am not a role model.” Good advice, Chucky. Tiger will rebound from this, and when he does, the new endorsement possibilities are endless: beer and liquor, the Spice Channel, maybe; condoms.

Any other ideas?   

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