Tiger Woods Confesses Affair

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Tiger Woods, in a statement released on his web site today, seems to confess to having an affair. In a story by Associated Press, there appears to be a voice mail message from him to his girl friend, asking her to take his name out of her phone and that his wife had gone through his and maybe calling her. I don’t think it is clear if this is a real message or a hoax but its circling the globe anyway.

On his web site, he says he let his family down with “transgressions” he regrets “with all of my heart,” and that he will deal with his personal life behind closed doors. 

The hand raised, preprogrammed golfer turned marketing genius, seems to have mastered the art of controlling his image by releasing skillfully crafted message designed to save face with the white collar, advantaged and elite set that has made him rich. With today’s popular sophisticated style of BSing everyone, he thinks he is above it all even though he likes sex just like normal people all over the country. Of course, we are supposed to be shocked that someone who was trained from birth to appeal to the slick well advantaged yuppie crowd that actually cares about golf, is actually guilty of getting a little “strange stuff” every now and then. I wonder if the next time he tries to promote a Buick or Cadillac, the camera will scan the back seat to see if there are any traces of a wild sex left. Hopefully he is smart enough to retire, take the money and run and learn to live like the rest of us on a normal amount of  money so he wont end up in the gutter. 

The world of white collar golf , gourmet coffee and latte’s, Ipods  and Izods has always been artificial and fraudulent anyway, but its so nice to see their Icons be exposed as humans. 

It also goes to show, that you can turn a child into a robot from birth to reek with commercial appeal to make millions of bucks, but in the end, they turn out just as messed up as the plumber’s kid , or worse!



Tigers Website in his own words


AP story

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