Tiger Woods Divorce Imminent – Elin’s New House Photos

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Like many of the other celebrities caught with their pants down, or texts exposed, Tiger Woods is about to be handed a rotten egg.  Tiger Woods divorce is more and more becoming a reality that I’m sure he doesn’t want to face.  His wife, Elin Nordegren recently met with a Divorce Lawyer to get the ball rolling.  Soon after she flew to her newly renovated Swedish home.

This makes you wonder if Tiger’s visit to the sex rehab was worth it or if the Nike commercial was worth it.  Doesn’t look like it to me.  The divorce wagon seems to be chugging along and Tiger will soon be hitting himself with a 5 iron in embarassment for admitted having checked into a sex rehab to save his marriage.


Woods hoped his stint in sex rehab would help reconcile his marriage however there are rumors that niether have been in touch for sometime. There are also reports out that Elin is upset Woods chose to return so quickly to golf and also upset over the use of Wood’s father Earl Woods in his most recent


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