Tiger Woods neighbor Raychel Coudriet claims affair on eve of Masters Golf 2010

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Call it par for the course at this point. Tiger Woods 22-year old neighbor Raychel Coudriet is alleging she had a steamy affair with the golfer, this just hours before he was to make his much-anticipated return to the PGA Tour.

According a story at NYDailyNews.com, the details are juicy. The story claims Woods had sex with Coudriet in his office, on a couch near one of his children’s cribs. It also claims Woods invited Coudriet to a party and, while at the party, texted her from a few feet away to “ditch her friend,” at which time she went back to his place.

Coudriet apparently claims the sex was average and that she felt “used and violated” and want to “dig a big hole, crawl in and die.”

The timing couldn’t be worse for Woods. He had made it this far through the week with no major hiccups, even gliding through a press conference full of softball questions from golf writers around the nation. He probably figured he’d hit the tee on Thursday before anything else broke.

Of course, as with any story like this, we have only heard one side, and it’s possible Coudriet is trying to get in on her 15 minutes of fame. But, given the details revealed in Woods’ other affairs, this follows a similar pattern: Tiger gets smitten, Tiger gets pushy, Tiger gets what he wants, Tiger leaves.

So, while the timing may be suspect, it doesn’t mean the story can be discounted. Woods has made it so essentially any claim from any woman would give the public pause, even if only for a second.

Woods will tee off for the first time in five months tomorrow. But his life won’t get any easier until women around the country stop teeing off on him.

And he’s lying in a bed he made all by himself.

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