Tiger Woods’ Neighbor Tells All for $3.99 – Dishes Seriously Damaging Dirt!!!

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What an interesting world we live in! Tiger Woods’ neighbor will tell all he knows about Tiger Woods’ personal life and about the events surround Woods’ Thanksgiving car accident for a mere $3.99.

Jerome “Jay” Adams, Jr. has made a pay-to-view video which allows you to hear his first hand account of how Woods treated those around him, including his wife, Elin and also what he saw on Thanksgiving and the conspiracy that was set up by Woods’ attorneys following the accident. He is selling it on his website: http://www.behindthegates.com.

In the free preview, Jerome “Jay” Adams, Jr. says, “He’s not real. He’s not true. The person that you know is just a crafted image, crafted by the individuals that are on his team… He’s a jerk. He’s not the guy I thought he was… I walked out on the balcony and what I see are Tiger and Elin having an argument….” Adams goes on to say that their attorney called them before Tiger’s press conference to say there was a crafted statement they wanted to be read… JUICY!!!

My position on Jerome “Jay” Adams, Jr. is a simple one that some of you will not agree with. I think it’s a great idea and I don’t see why he shouldn’t sell his story. It’s something that several people are interested in and it also answers many questions and even poses new ones.

Several people are feeding into this Tiger Woods’ affair thing and making money from it, why not him? I read a post earlier that chastised Adams but my position is that anyone on this site who writes about Tiger Woods is trying to make a few bucks off of their post (like me) so who am I or anyone else to judge this guy? Plus all those who read about Woods is feeding into a fascination they themselves have with him.

Man… I wish I lived next to Tiger Woods! I’d undercut Jerome “Jay” Adams, Jr. and sell my story for $2.99. =o)










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