Tiger Woods on Crutches: Did Injury Get Worse?

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Tiger Woods was recently seen with crutches and a medical walking boot, after just having pulled out of the US Open for what was reportedly a minor injury, according to RadarOnline. He announced he had a mild left knee sprain and a mild left Achilles tendon sprain. Unfortunately for Tiger, those injuries can take a long time to heal and are prone to being easily re-injured if he doesn’t take enough time off.

He has already had four surgeries on the left knee, and while there is no word that his doctors are calling for another, being on crutches is a bad sign. The walking bFile:Tigerw.jpgoot may be intended to immobilize his leg in hopes of avoiding the need for another surgery, or just on doctors orders to help his recovery time speed up. Either way, Tiger Woods is bound to be uncomfortable.

Tiger previously stated that he hoped to recover in time to play in the upcoming AT&T National, which would give him an extra two weeks to recover after the start of the US Open. Whether or not he recovers in time, he knows the longer he is off the course, the harder it will be to come back and win.

He also announced he was truly grateful for his fans continuing support and he plans to be back in the game as soon as possible. Tiger had better appreciate those fans who haven’t deserted him since his love scandal broke; after all, if no one likes him, few will want to sponsor him.

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