Tiger Woods’ statement of apology: Video, analysis and commentary

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Feb 19, 2010   Looking square into the camera with a dead-serious expression and weary eyes, Tiger Woods faced the media for the first time since his life blew apart after Thanksgiving.  His comments lasted nearly 20 minutes, words that he wrote himself.  He was shown to be vulnerable, sad, and candid.  His wife Elin was not present, but his mother Kutilda was seated in front of his podium, looking sad and serious throughout his remarks.

Wearing a dress shirt and dark blue blazer with no tie (and no wedding band), he pulled no punches, speaking plainly.  “I had affairs; I cheated.”  He stated that he was aware that families had held him up as a role model for their children, saying “I owe them a special apology.   To them I want to say, I am truly sorry.” 

His tone was strong and sad, but a few times his anger flared.  Once, when discussing what he described as lies in the media about his wife hitting him.  “At no time has there ever been an incident of domestic violence in our marriage.”  He threw a warning shot to the media about leaving his wife and children alone, mentioning that media have been camped out at his 2 year old daughter’s preschool.  He said, “Whatever my wrongdoings, for the sake of my family, please leave my wife and kids alone.”  He also was unequivocal when shooting down media reports that he had used performance enhancing drugs.

Upon closing, he said “I do plan to return to golf one day, I just don’t know when that day will be.”  He mentioned that he will be returning to treatment and to therapy.

Tiger’s behavior shocked the world; his fall from grace was spectacular.  It’s cost him untold millions.  There will be many out there who feel no apology will ever redeem him, and I might tend to agree.  This wasn’t a one night stand but a long pattern of terrible behavior rooted in a sense of entitlement and feeling above the rules.  However, I felt that this was a very sincere and heartfelt statement.  Cynics out there will say he did it to save his career, his few remaining endorsement deals.  But it took  courage to get up there and be so honest and frank.  Reading words he reportedly wrote himself, he bared himself to the world.  I for one will be wishing him the best as he rebuilds his personal and professional life, knowing he has a very steep and difficult climb ahead of him.

View his statement here:  http://www.tmz.com/

What did you think of this statement?  Did you feel it was honest and sincere, or just to save his brand? 

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