Tiger Woods – The Saga Continues

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It’s amazing how much has come from such a small accident.  Celebrities are looked up to, and when they fall it seems they fall hard.  Is this what is happening with Tiger Woods?  Is he coming down from that pedestal that so many have placed him on?  We can only guess and wait for the days ahead.

The Florida Highway Patrol has now closed its investigation of the accident.  Tiger Woods has been cited with careless driving and given 4 points on his license.  Tiger Woods suffered facial lacerations, but those were supposedly from his wife and not the accident.

In the latest on the affairs of Tiger Woods, a woman has come forward.  Jaimee Bruggs says that she has had an affair with Tiger Woods.  He, in fact, left a voicemail on her answering machine saying that his wife was going to go through his phone so she should take his number off.  (You can listen to the voicemail at the following link: Voicemail.)

Radaronline.com is reporting that a number of women have come forward and admitted to having affairs with Tiger Woods.  Kalika Moquin is the latest women to be connected with Tiger Woods.  When contacted, Kalika neither confirmed nor denied having an affair with Tiger Woods. 

So what’s the real story?  Who’s telling the truth and who’s lying?  What has really happened?  We may or may not find out.  Stay tuned for the latest.

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