Tila Tequila Out of Rehab! Is She Okay?

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When rumors of Tila Tequila’s meltdown hit the tabloids just over a month ago, they spread like wildfire. Did Tila try to commit suicide? Did she have a nervous breakdown? Were there substance abuse issues? Will Tila get any help?

TilaTequilaOct07Now it seems as though the questions about Tila have been answered, sort of.

“Tila is now out and completed her treatment. She is the healthiest she has been and she looks fabulous,” said the statement from Tila Tequila’s representatives to RumorFix. This is good news for the stripper turned MySpace celebrity turned reality television star. For thirty days, Tila spent in rehab working on reported psychological and substance abuse issues.

The question now is this: Was 30 days long enough to actually help turn Tila Tequila’s life around? Goodness knows she needs all the help she can get. It wasn’t too long ago that she tried to change her name to Ms. Tila and record an album. The next thing you know she’s guesting on Howard Stern and doing Celebrity Boxing. That’s enough to drive anyone a little crazy. Hopefully, Tila got the guidance she needs to have a better start now.

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