Tila Tequila Recovering from Drug Addiction

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Surprise! Tila Tequila is recovering from a drug problem. She is also recovering from an eating disorder. No one likes to see someone suffering so deeply, but the world had to see this coming. She stayed at a Florida rehabilitation center for a month, and those close to her are saying that she is doing a lot better.

Her eating disorder caused about a 25-pound loss, and it is said that she has pretty much gained this back.

Those who follow celeb news probably remember her overdose earlier this year. One would think that would have been the trigger to get her into a treatment program.

With a name like Tila Tequila, it should have told folks that the tiny party girl was headed for trouble. Hopefully, she will stay sober and at a healthy weight. Hollywood certainly does not need anymore tragedies.

“It’s still an everyday battle for [Tila], but at least she’s sober and healthy,” reports a source close to her.

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