Tila Tequila shopping sex tape?

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Tila Tequila is just another fame grabber it seems. And she has stooped to the porn market. But really, how many reality shows can you do? And this is from a woman who tried to profit from her girlfriend’s death. Sigh.

Apparently Tila is shopping two sex tapes to the porn companies who might wan to take a bite. The infamous Vivid Entertainment is hoping for the tapes, but according to TMZ another company is angling to get them for themselves. Tila of course has to sign off for any tapes to go public. But there is little doubt that she will. Her disavowal of any such tapes is most likely a publicity stunt meant to drum up more excitement!

What else does Tila up her sleeve? Will she attempt to have a legitimate career? What is she really famous for anyway? Maybe it’s for her name. Maybe not! Tapes or no tapes, we’ll have to wait and see.


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