Tim Allen Back On TV Next Year?

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Tim Allen is ready to return to the world of weekly episodic television. The actor, best known for his television role of Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor on “Home Improvement” wants to see if he can strike gold once again. That series was on air for eight seasons, and it followed the lives of a host of a tool show, his family and friends. Even the odd neighbor next door was a major component of the week to week festivities. Did anyone forget Wilson?

The series started off as a joke from his comedy routine, and it spiraled into something many tuned in to watch each week. Once the boys grew up, Allen knew it was time for the series to come to a close. The antics of the three sons were a major part of the series. Following the end, Tim Allen jumped more into film starring as Santa Claus himself in a few comedy films released in the last ten years. He is also the man behind voicing everyone’s “Toy Story” icon Buzz Lightyear.

Now, he is looking to come back to television. When will this happen? Next year. If it does work out, Tim Allen will have a new series or join the cast of an existing one next fall. There are even rumors of him joining “The Office” once Steve Carell leaves. Early rumors had Harvey Keitel being the one “Office” producers wanted to replace the actor upon his exit this season. The man hadn’t even been approached at that time.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a source said the following about the prospect of Allen’s television comeback: “The actor is taking ‘a few select meetings’ with writer-producers, one of whom may include Greg Daniels.”

Sounds promising! Allen is definitely a favorite for his comedy routine and style. He is a unique actor. A bit leaning towards men and their lives, but he knew how to make the everyday male chauvinist funny and lovable. Will you tune in if Allen brings himself back to your small screens? For the latest in television news, go here.

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