Tim McGraw Hides Secret Son from Faith Hill

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Country singer and Blind Side actor Tim McGraw has reportedly been hiding a secret son–not only from his fans, but from wife Faith Hill, too.

According to a report from RadarOnline, McGraw didn’t have an affair and father a love child a la Arnold SchwarzeneggerTim Mcgraw songs style. However, he helped raise the child of a former fiance and has maintained a relationship with him throughout the past several years.

McGraw was once engaged to a woman named Kristine Donahue, and played a big role in raising her son Tyler Zarbo. Zarbo, now a 23-year-old student living in Orlando, spoke out in a recent interview about the I Like It, I Love It singer.

“Tim McGraw was like a father to me when I was growing up,” Zarbo said. “He saw me as the son he never had, and we’ve stayed in contact. I wish he could have remained as my substitute dad, but it just wasn’t meant to be.”

It’s not yet known what kind of contact McGraw has maintained with Zarbo over the years, or how wife Faith Hill is reacting to this news. Even though Tim didn’t legally or morally do anything wrong in this situation, it is a bit strange to learn he’s kept something this seemingly benign a secret for all these years.

Do you suppose there’s more to the story that has yet to be uncovered? Or is it really not even a story at all? Did a tabloid discover the former relationship between McGraw and Zarbo and is it now actively working to create an issue where none actually exists?

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