Tim Tebow skit on SNL: Is it bigotry? (Video)

Is the Tim Tebow skit on SNL bigotry against Christians as Pat Robertson says, or is it just good clean fun? Satire at its best makes fun of everyone and everybody in a society, but as a Christian, I cannot help but to agree with Pat Robertson.

Tim Tebow, Sarah Palin, or any Christian seems to be fair game of late night television. That’s fine, but as is the case with David Letterman, if one makes fun of Moslems, they get threatened with removal of their tongues.

You have to give it to David Letterman though for following through with his across the board insults. Howver, SNL seems to kiss the butts of politicians and the like as long as they are not Christians. It does seem a little heavy handed, but I’m sure Tim Tebow doesn’t mind: he has God on his side. The SNL skit is funny, but it is quite a different story as they make fun of not just Tim Tebow, but Christianity by using a comedian to represent Jesus. Just bad taste!

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