Tim Tebow Takes on Cubby Tees for Their “My Jesus” NY Jets T-Shirt for Sale

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NFL star Tim Tebow has taken legal action against Cubby Tees for their latest creation. The green t-shirts are mock New York Jets designs which say “My Jesus” instead of the traditional NY Jets team logo and words.

Tim Tebow 8X10 Photo - Denver Broncos - NFL #03The report comes from TMZ today in an article called “Raising Hell Over ‘My Jesus’ Tee.” The problem isn’t necessarily the design, but more the fact that Tebow says the website is illegally using his name to sell the merchandise. TMZ reports that a cease and desist letter was sent to the Cubby Tees website just last month.

Tebow (pictured at left) spent last season with the Denver Broncos and guided them to a playoff appearance, generating major hype and interest. He gained popularity due to his will to win, as well as his classic kneeling pose on the field to pray to God. Tebow was a big proponent of his faith, which some even believed helped him gain victories. He was traded in late March to the New York Jets, where he will likely play at some point in the upcoming season.

He’s yet to throw a pass or score a touchdown for the new team, but is already battling for them against this t-shirt company. The T-shirt maker’s website says about the nature of their shirt’s design:

“This fun design is not officially endorsed by New York’s backup quarterback or the Son of God, but plays off the themes of Tebow’s faith and his new team.”

However, that’s not a good enough disclaimer description for Tebow and his legal team, as they are requesting they do not use his name and/or likeness at all. TMZ says the shirt makers won’t back down in their quest to promote Jesus via the Jets.

In a way, Cubby Tees has used Tebow’s name in its description, so he may have a slight case. Of course, a lot of other website retailers have mentioned this celebrity or that when selling products, so it isn’t anything new. It will be interesting to see who wins this latest holy war involving Tebow and the religious-themed T-shirts. As of this report, Jesus has yet to make any comments regarding the matter.

Who do you think will win out in this battle, Tim Tebow, or Cubby Tees?

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